How to stain your hardwood floors

How to stain your hardwood floors.

How to stain your hardwood floors

You can easily improve the natural beauty of your hardwood floors by staining them. On top of that, it can also help you deliver a refreshed new look. If you come up with the decision to stain hardwood flooring on your own, without seeking the assistance of an expert, you need to have a clear idea in mind about the steps to follow. Continue to read and we will be sharing all the important steps with you. 

  • Make sure that your hardwood floor can absorb stains well 

As the very first thing, you need to double-check and make sure whether your hardwood floor can absorb stain well. That’s because some of the hardwood floors made out of pine, fir, birch, and maple are not in a position to absorb stains effectively. You can test this by considering an inconspicuous part of your hardwood floor. 

  • Sand your hardwood floor 

If your hardwood floor can be stained effectively, you should go ahead and start sanding it. Based on the extent of damage that your hardwood flooring has, you may select the right grit. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you have a smooth and bare surface to proceed with staining. Make sure that you use less aggressive sandpaper for sanding. 

  • Screen your hardwood floor 

Next, you will need to screen your hardwood floor. This can be done with the help of a Buffer. It helps you to make sure that there aren’t any scratch marks left behind by your sander. In other words, screening the hardwood floor can help you to secure even better results.

  • Remove all dust 

As the next step, you will need to use a vacuum cleaner and get rid of all the dust. Then you will need to use a tack-cloth and wipe down your floor as well. Make sure that you double-check and ensure that you have not left behind any dust. That’s because dust can create a major impact on the final appearance of your floor.

  • Apply your stain

Now you come to the most important step of the process, where you apply stain. This is where you need to ensure that your room has proper ventilation. Then you can ensure that vapors will not be trapped within the room. You should also wear a mask so that you can protect yourself.

You can use a carpet pad and buffer to apply the stain. Make sure that you work on small areas at a time. In the meantime, you should not allow the wet edge of your hardwood floor to dry. This is where you can get the help of someone else to use a rag and then wipe all excessive stains as you apply. Or else, you can do it on your own by going back.

  • Allow the stain to dry 

As the last step, you will need to allow the stain to completely dry. This is where you should keep it for a period of around 24 to 48 hours. If there is a high humidity level, it could take even longer for the drying process to complete. 

Final words Now you have a clear idea about how to stain your hardwood floors. Adhere to this process and you will be able to bring back the good looks of your hardwood flooring with ease. If needed, you can always seek the assistance of an expert for staining.

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